Potjam is a new café in Menai Bridge owned and run by local couple Nia and Gareth. They bought the property and approached WMDesign Architects and ourselves to completely renovate and remodel the existing site. We worked on the project from the planning stages onwards to create an efficient flow for the customers and staff and a café which is modern, practical, beautiful and homely.
The café has been an immediate hit with customers and it’s across the road from Space Like This so we can test the cakes regularly.

“Approaching Space Like This was the best decision we made in the making of Pot Jam. Working with Mandy was a pleasure and an eye opener. They weren't given much of a brief, and the result is a stunning and unique interior that all the customers are in awe of. The interior is key to Pot Jam and everyone appreciates it. Space like this was with us every step of the way, and we would highly recommend them.”

Nia Huws, Owner of Pot Jam